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Bible Reading & Meditation

Please read and pray over these passages:

Daniel 1:1-21; Psalm 121:1-8

Daniel is one of my favourite Old Testament books, because it is full of God’s faithfulness, and his loving care for those who call upon his name.  It shows that God never gives up on those who he has chosen, in spite of how circumstances might make us think differently.

Daniel experienced religious revival in the time of Josiah – the last righteous king of Judah.  He and his friends grew up loving God passionately.

And then the worst possible calamity happened – the Babylonians invaded, captured Jerusalem and took Daniel and the cream of Judah’s young men into captivity.  How Daniel must have wondered what it all meant.  Had he done something wrong, to deserve being captured and taken into exile?  Where was God in the midst of this suffering and turmoil?  

Where is God amidst the political, financial and moral turmoil of our day?

Hard though it may be for us to hear it, the Bible is very clear – God gave (“natan”) his people into the hands of a foreign nation – he was punishing the Israelites for the sinfulness of centuries.  But that Hebrew word, “natan”, occurs twice more in the first chapter.  In verse 9, God caused (“natan”) the official to show favour and compassion to Daniel.  Then in verse 17, God gave (“natan”) knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning to Daniel and his three friends. 

God is always in control despite the circumstances!

I’ve often thought that the revival that Daniel experienced was God’s grace to him, as it prepared him for what was to come, and provided the strength to go through whatever happened to him.

Prophetic Focus

I believe God’s word to you is ultra simple – Lift your eyes away from your circumstances and expect God!  Expect God to act!  Expect God to be faithful!  Expect God to come!  Expect God!

Worshipful prayer time

As you listen to the words of this worship video, spend time; watch more than once.  Ask the Holy Spirit to renew your hope and raise your faith:



– thank you for your faithfulness.  Thank you for your continued presence in my life and your constant love.  Come fill me with your Spirit and cause my faith to rise.

– speak clearly to me.  I know you are in control, but I confess, it’s hard to see you at times.  Show me where you are to be found in the midst of my pain, my confusion and yes, sometimes my despair.

– I pray for my church family and friends – bring your promised revival to this region and this nation.  Prepare us for what’s to come.

– I pray for our rulers – both locally and nationally.  Above all I pray for integrity, truth, compassion and justice to prevail.

I praise and bless you with all my heart.

29 Mar 2023

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