On Sunday 16th April we are launching our fourth TVC Church Eden Team in partnership with The Message Trust. Over the last year, we have seen God doing some amazing things in South Bank, Middlesbrough through the Ministry of the Open Well and we are thrilled to be able to expand this work.

So what is Eden?

Eden is a Network, birthed through the message trust and built in partnership with local churches across the UK. The focus of the partnership is to establish mission-minded communities in areas that are recognised by the government as being in the bottom 10% economically.

Eden works to send and support teams of urban missionaries – to live sacrificially, share the gospel and build authentic community. This means that the good news of Jesus can be shared in word and deed, while creating a deep sense of community.

Our partnership with Eden goes back many years and together we have established 3 teams o far. We continue to see the fruit of this partnership and celebrate the many stories of lives transformed at our baptism services.

What has been happening in South Bank so far?

Nikki & Krista Coulson joined TVC Church just over a year ago and brought with them a vision that had been birthed through prayer to see South Bank turn to Jesus and thriving again. Over the past year, they have grown a wonderful team who have been creating a place where community flourishes and people meet with the risen Jesus in powerful ways. Stories of hope are being written every week. This ‘Open Well’ in the centre of South Bank is a place where a river of Gods love is pouring out, not by the schemes of man but by the generosity of God himself.

What will Eden bring?

The establishment of an Eden Team in South Bank is not a replacement of what has already been taking place at ‘The Open Well’ gathering each Tuesday, but rather something that will serve and embed the move of God that is already there. The Eden team will create pathways and opportunities beyond The Open Well evening, for the life flow of Gods love to touch multiple layers of the community, young, old, employed, unemployed, all being touched by the love of Jesus. To do this, the Eden team have committed to invest time & prayer, to intentionally facilitate opportunities from Jesus encounters across South Bank. 

The establishment of an Eden Team means we are employing Krista Counson to create space for developing these opportunities and to lead the team. It also means that the team will benefit from the resourcing, encouragement and training on offer through The Message Trust, as well as TVC Church. This is indeed good news for South Bank!

How can I be involved?

As we come together this Sunday to commission our South Bank team, please pray for the team. Enjoy hearing how God is using them in South Bank and carry them in your heart, remembering them to father God.

Why not visit the Open Well? This community gathering takes place each Tuesday from 7pm. It begins by sharing meal together – come down and encourage the team!

If you’d like to give to the ongoing work in South Bank, you can do that here.

If you are stirred and wondering how you can be involved the catch up with Krista.Coulson@tvcchurch.org.uk.