When I started school of Applied Theology, to be honest I didn’t have much clue what I was letting myself in for! I just knew it would be a good idea.

I’d grown up going to Sunday school and so I had a fairly good idea what the Bible was about and knew plenty of stories. Theology sounded like it was a bit deep and serious for me but I was intrigued by School of Applied Theology’s claim that it was ‘accessible’ and I knew loads of people, all with very different levels of education, who had said it was awesome – so I signed up!

With the commitment of giving up just 5 Saturdays of the year and the promise of a good lunch and plenty of free tea and biscuits, I started my SAT journey! And wow, I have been so glad that I did!

Each day of SAT has had such a huge impact on me, not just on my Bible reading, but on my whole life. SAT has taught me how to interpret the Bible. Yes, it was written a long time ago, but it was also written into a completely different culture to mine and yet, it is just as relevant now as it has always been. Through SAT, it is as if the mysteries of the Bible have been unlocked, which gives a whole new depth to my relationship with God and the ministry that God has for me.

I’d really recommend that you get yourself stuck in to next year’s course! No matter what your past experience of education, the tutors will guide you into a better understanding of this life changing book. There are always a wide range of applicants on the course, Men and Women from the teens to the retired and it is such a joy to learn from each other.

School of Applied Theology is a training opportunity, brought to us by Taking Ground network of Churches. Click here to be redirected to the booking page on their website.