Do you ever think about Heaven?

Are you curious about what will happen to you when you die?

Is a loved one on your mind?

In 2018, Dave & Gill Olivers’ world was rocked, as they watched their son take his last breath.

Joel died just 17 days after his cancer diagnosis. The journey for the whole Oliver family was brutal. On December 20th 2018, the entire family were present for the final hours and David writes:

There were blessings over Joel’s children and then as father my privilege to declare the last scripture. as the last scripture left my lips his last breath left his. And laying my head against his still slightly warm beard; troubling questions were already forming.

Where did my son go? What is he doing? How did he get there? Why is there so little written about present heaven and why do so few Christians talk about it, and when they do there is almost no authentic enthusiasm for being there? All these questions rolled over and over in my mind and I need to find some answers’

I committed to research and write about heaven and at At All About Heaven the evening event you can discover what we have discovered, maybe find answers to your deepest fears and discover an unimaginably wonderful future worth longing for and worth preparing for’.

On Sunday 27th November, David & Gill Oliver will join us for an evening and will take us through a tour through the scriptures, the possibilities and the facts to help us find out ‘All about heaven’.

“We hope to answer questions, allay fears and have your hearts skipping at the thought of heaven and awakening a deep longing that’s present, but buried in most Christians, to be there.”

The deepest question in life is ‘What happens when I die?’ I’m grateful for all About Heaven – 

it lifts my eyes heart and mind to another world more real than this one

Rob Parsons OBE Founder & Chairman Care For the Family 

‘All About Heaven answers , biblically so many questions people have about their loved ones, their destination and their future’

Dave Richards Salt & Light International Apostolic Team 

All About Heaven provides us with a thrilling view of the future I highly commend it

Steve Thomas Team Leader Salt & Light International 

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14 Nov 2022

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