Baby Massage
We are excited to now offer Baby Massage as part of our support to local new parents.

This wonderful, 5 week course is brought by midwife Katie Lacey.  The aim is to serve the mothers, fathers and families of Teesside with free baby massage courses.

Research has that baby massage is beneficial to baby and family.  In fact, it has shown that by taking part in just one course can reduce a woman’s risk of getting PND and can reduce the amount of depression she may be currently suffering with. 

The courses can be attended by either parent and can be a great time of attachment building with their baby. They are open to babies from a few days old up untill their first birthday.

Katie says: “I have ran 3 courses so far and just from that small sample of participants there was a reported increase in their understanding of their baby’s cues and their mental well-being.”

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19 Jan 2022, 13:00 - 14:00

The Brook Suite