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 About donations:

Donating = Worship

TVC Church is a community, people working together for God and His world. This extends to everything we do – and that includes the financial realities of our work together, resourcing projects both inside and outside of the church.

If you’re a visitor, you’ll never be pressured to give money. You are welcome to donate if you are moved to do so but we’re not primarily after peoples money, we’re after seeing Jesus touching peoples hearts and their lives transformed by His amazing love.

Anyone committed to God’s work in and through TVC Church is encouraged to participate in regular financial giving as an act of worship – we understand, as believers, that everything we have is a gift from God and that donating a proportion of that is both Biblical and an act of surrendering our grip and allowing God into the mix with our finances – it is incredibly liberating and Kingdom focussed.

As we push forward in our vision for the whole of Teesside we are trusting God in His provision of resources and that is not just financial – giving of your time, your prayers, sharing your faith 24/7 and finances is all part of Kingdom living.

So, please use the methods above for donating to TVC Church but why not also consider how you can give via volunteering?  Just click HERE for more info.

TVC Church manages its finances with integrity and accountability – those who give can be confident that their money is being put to good kingdom work. Occasionally, we may also present opportunities to donate to one-off needs and new projects too.

Thank you

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Please ensure that your name is included when you make a donation – this enables us to claim back Gift Aid where appropriate.
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