What is a Community Group?

Community groups at TVC Church are a great place for mutual discipleship.  Community groups aim to build strong relationships and to foster healthy spiritual growth.  They provide a place of mutual care and support where we can grow in our relationship with God and become more fruitful in his kingdom.

All groups are different, they reflect the people in them and the people that they are reaching out to.  They are not just a Bible study or fellowship group (though they are both important ingredients); they also help us to grow in God and in reaching out to others in different ways.

What do you do when you meet?

Community Groups are safe places where people feel supported and encouraged in their faith journey. They are the ideal environment for those who are new to the Church or don’t know many other people, to feel more connected.

The format really depends on the group and people’s needs within it. Many groups spend time simply catching up with each other, sharing what’s good (and maybe what could be better), others pray together, share how God is speaking to them, study the bible together or reflect and discuss the previous Sunday’s talk.

Each Community Group is led by different people in the Church Family and are made up of people at all different points in their faith. Many groups are formed with people who live in the same area of the Tees Valley (that’s why when you request to join a group we ask where you live). We find that this is a great way to foster community, as well as being practical when we return to meeting in homes.

How Do I Join A Group?

Simply fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.


07th Jul 2021

Hannah’s Story

“What better way to spend life that becoming more like God and seeing others become more like God too!”