Our Vision and Values

God has given us a big vision. We believe that he has called us to be a church for the whole of the Tees Valley, with thousands of people becoming part of God’s family. We dream of being a church of many congregations, that will together take the good news of Jesus into our neighbourhoods, workplaces, schools and colleges. We dream of hundreds of small groups where people are growing in their faith and helping others find abundant life in Jesus.

Yes, this is an ambitious vision – and one that is only possible in Christ. But we want to see God fully glorified in the Tees Valley!

While our beliefs align with many other Christian churches, our values reveal the distinction of who God has called us to be. These core values are:

We live for the glory of God

Because there isn’t anything in life worth serving and giving our lives to greater or better than God’s glory.

We reach out to others

With the glorious gospel of Jesus and with the power and the presence of the Holy Spirit – to reconnect every person with God, their glorious Father in Heaven who incredibly transforms our lives and gives us a hope in this life and for eternity!

We grow in our faith

To be those who look like and live like Jesus.  God desires for His church to fully reflect Him and His characteristics; of love, mercy, compassion, self-control, purpose, hope, unity and vision.  Becoming more like Jesus is the most exciting adventure we can ever embark upon.

We bring compassionate transformation

 Because God is merciful, kind and full of grace and it’s that kindness that the Bible tells us leads people to repentance – and to connect with Him.  We bring compassionate transformation through many practical ways into our community.

We are a multi-generational, multi-cultural family

Because the nature of God is first and foremost as a Father and therefore church should be first and foremost a family; a family of many people from many backgrounds and cultures.

We are generous to others

A church that serves and gives away to those outside of itself, a church that gives and sends people, ministries, finances and resources out into the North East region, into the UK and into the World.