New here?

We’re really glad you found us. If you haven’t visited our site before, we’d like to let you know what we’re about and what you can expect if you visit Tees Valley Community Church for a Sunday service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few common questions….

What time does the service start?

The Sunday services start at 10:30am every Sunday. However, we love to come a bit earlier and hang out with one another over free tea/coffee and biscuits. We also have the chance to hang around after the meeting (which usually ends about 12:15) to meet new people and chat with friends over coffee/tea.

Do I need to bring my Bible?

Nope! If you have a Bible then you will find it useful to bring, but if you don’t have a Bible we have ones you can borrow. If you’re more of a digital person then you can access the Bible from your phone or tablet too.

Will people talk to me?

TVC Church is a large and growing church so it may be worrying that you could easily feel lost and alone. We go to extra lengths to try and ensure this does not happen and have a team of Sunday welcomers who will greet you, chat with you and offer advice where needed. As well as that we delight in hearing people say time and time again what a welcoming, family, friendly church TVC Church is and trust that many people will say “Hi” and that friendships will grow.

Do I have to sing?

We have a modern style of worship with a large live band. We try to use a range of worship songs too. Generally people stand to worship, some lift their hands, some clap along…but equally others may sit and contemplate, others may pray. The aim is that you encounter God in whatever way helps you to do that. You will find it very relaxed to be yourself.

Are you normal people?

What is ‘normal’? We have people aged from 0 through to their 90’s, from affluent backgrounds to those with very little. We have people with qualifications and those with none, we have single people, married people, widowed and divorced people coming along. We have people who were brought up going to church and people who have never been to a church before. We have people from many nations form across the globe and we even have a dedicated signing team for the hard of hearing.
What we are not is ‘perfect’ but we are loving, open to everyone, genuine and a family. Come and be a part of that family!

How long is the talk?

We have some amazing speakers each week and they try to be very engaging, real, biblical and accessible. Generally a talk lasts from 30-45 minutes, usually much less on a guest service (the 2nd Sunday each month). The sermons are also available to listen to on this site.

Do you have Wifi?

We do! It is free and accessible throughout the large church centre. The password is available on the weekly bulletin and on the cafe signs. Alternatively please ask a steward and they will pass it on to you.

Do you have decaff coffee?

Our coffee is lovely (it has been said many times) but if you prefer decaf then we can provide that too. We also have decaf tea if you prefer. There is also juice and water available.